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7, Sweden 16, Portugal, Portugal, -11.3. 64 Economic report information on the financial and economic performance of Portugal continued to grow with moderate growth rates. The. Figure: Europe eXplorer supports three levels of statistical maps - European regional disparities and regional economic growth in its member countries in order to A small region in Portugal is highlighted having the highest population  av P Nyman · Citerat av 19 — the net fiscal effects of EU migrants appear to be ±0.5% of GDP. Indeed Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United  STANDARD OF LIVING Gross domestic product per head Household consumption that Mauritius' GDP per head is in fact higher than that of Portugal and just. In 2007, the Portuguese economy GDP grew at an estimated rate of 1.8% compared with 1.3% in 2006.

Portugal gdp growth

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Global Redesign: The ”Old World” GDP. Growth Slows Down. -5.0. -2.5. 0.0. 2.5. 5.0.

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2020. 2021. 2022. GDP growth (%, yoy) 2,2.

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Portugal gdp growth

82 Prointec S.A. MD. Spain.

Portugal gdp growth

In 2019, Portugal's real gross domestic product increased by around 2.17 percent 36 rows In brief. The Socialist Party formed another minority administration after it won the October 2019 election. The public health crisis caused a substantial contraction in real GDP in 2020. Structural features of the economy will delay the recovery in 2021, notably … Portugal Economic forecast for Portugal The Commission publishes a full set of macroeconomic forecasts for the EU and its Member States in spring (May) and autumn (November) and publishes interim forecasts updating GDP and inflation figures in winter (February) and summer (July). Please find below a chart for the GDP growth rate for Portugal on a quarterly basis.
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Mark the area you wish to enlarge (selected periods will turn in yellow). Unit: annual change, in percentage. 2020. 2021 (p) 2022 (p) 2023 (p) Gross domestic product. Portugal.

Please find below a chart for the GDP growth rate for Portugal on a quarterly basis.
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Global Economic Outlook - February 2021 Atradius

The absolute value of GDP in Portugal dropped €11,483 $8,189 million with respect to 2019. 2021-03-30 After growing by an average of 3.0% in 2017-2018, the Portuguese economy has moderated its growth to levels of around 2.0% in 2019. The entry into a more mature phase of the cycle and the fading of temporary support factors that drove growth in recent years are the main causes behind the more moderate expansion.

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This records an increase from the previous number of 0.707 % for Dec 2015. Portugal’s PT: GDP: Growth: GNI data is updated yearly, averaging 2.208 % from Dec 1971 to 2016, with 46 observations.


%. 1961. 3.58. %. Real GDP growth rate. Operations. Annual growth rate (%) 2019 Portugal (red) Net national income Indicator: 29 456 Total US dollars/capita 2019 Portugal US dollars/capita: Total US dollars/capita 2000-2019 Portugal (red), OECD - Total (black) Total US dollars/capita 2019 Portugal (red) Trade in goods and services Indicator: 36.7 Exports % of GDP 2020 Portugal % of GDP: Exports % of GDP 2001-2020 Portugal (red) Exports % of GDP 2020 Portugal (red) GDP (PPP): $346.9 billion ; 2.2% growth; 2.4% 5-year compound annual growth; $36,471 per capita; Unemployment: 6.3% ; Inflation (CPI): 0.3% ; FDI Inflow: Access the latest politics analysis and economic growth summary through 2011 for Portugal from The Economist Intelligence Unit Portugal's government has cut its 2021 economic growth forecast to 4% from 5.4%, the finance minister said on Thursday, after a severe worsening of the coronavirus pandemic at the start of this year forced a nationwide lockdown lasting over two months.

see full table. Years. In 2020, real GDP growth for Portugal was -10 %. Though Portugal real GDP growth fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to decrease through 2001 - 2020 period ending at -10 % in 2020. Annual percentage growth rate of GDP at market prices based on constant local currency. GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus Portugal gdp per capita for 2018 was $23,563, a 9.64% increase from 2017. Portugal gdp per capita for 2017 was $21,490, a 7.57% increase from 2016.